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  • alha

    Reacted with Like to Cncwurm’s post in the thread Klemmvorrichtung für Kantholz.
    Reaction (Post)
    bei dem beitrag von "cbl123" weiter oben siehst du die klemmbefestigung der basisplatte an die konsole.
  • larry2018

    Hi there,

    i have a program setup for horizontal drilling going in the Y+ direction but i dont understand why it keeps coming up with No appropriate horizontal drill fro processing.

    i am using tool 1162 setup for 8mm drilling.

    it works if i just use the…
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  • Moonlake19

    Replied to the thread board mixing.
    I could imagine that this can be done with a defined variable or something similar (plate X must be placed underneath plate Y). A kind of sacrificial plate, so to speak.
    I would try the hotline for this, I can't create such a set of rules in average…
  • woodWOP_Scout

    Replied to the thread Dynamic Level.
    Hi Stephen,

    the component is only used on WEEKE CNC machines. I am pretty sure that it doesn't work on your BMG311.
    If you run woodWOP 8 on your BMG311, you should be able to find the dynamic level in the NC options of the woodWOP program. Maybe check with…
  • dorex21

    Replied to the thread Störung Kollisions Überwachung.
    Werde ich Mal probieren danke
  • Cncwurm

    Replied to the thread Klemmvorrichtung für Kantholz.
    hast recht habe ich anders in erinnerung ;)
    anbei link wo es steht

    und noch mit manueller klemmung :)
  • Spaikijs4

    Replied to the thread Störung Kollisions Überwachung.
    There is problem in your tool changer. Each tool have safety distance and if in tool changer in near positions you have tool with big safety distance this message could appear, just try to put theese tools in other tool changer positions and then try run…