BHX 500 Programming solutions....

  • Hi All..

    Looking for a little bit of help please.

    Im new to the BHX-500 and its limitations.,

    I have a program (attached), but due to not being able to run drills from the top Horizontal, Im looking for a creative way to do this.

    I have the part come back to me (With F1),

    but how would I go about using the same program to run these parts..without having to use my second program?

    Do I include some kind of stop? turn the part and run again?

    (Edit: i've tried this and the machine does stop but wont release the clamps to turn so when i hit the cycle start button to release the just restarts the same program again.)

    Do I need to create a second program and run the parts twice...?

    This is what I do now and it takes so long to run 100's of parts

    Does anyone that has an idea and is kind enough to help, it would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    D ?(

  • This still would take a long time, iwould say that easiest way is to create production list with seperate programs. Make some tree to five parts without this one side horizontal drillings and then make production list where within each part machine by its own turns second program, you just need to transport parts from machine bottom to start and rotate them to make second program drillings. we made different solution for this type of programs, we put near the bhx500 another small machine which drills only horizontal drilling and much faster than bhx. If you look documentation then every bhx makes horizontal drilling very slow so to get one more machine next to bhx would take you in next level with production speed. We combine all type of parts where is horizontal drilling between bhx and this second machine so while bhx drills vertical drillings you could drill horizontal drillings on second machine at the same time.

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