Process a detailed profile on it's side

  • Hello, I am trying to process a corbel that is 12 inches x 13 inches x 4 inches thick. I have imported the DXF without issue and have been able to program the rough milling and finish milling from above (the work piece standing up 12 inches tall) but this is too tall for my Centateq P110 5 axis router so I need to lay it down. I have moved the contour to the bottom and changed the work piece size appropriately but my issue is the machine only wants to process from above instead of from the side. I have attached the mprx file for your review. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!Rec Room Corbel onside fixed.mprx

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    Hi TySweig, your MPRX file didn't contain a surface for the rough milling to reference to. But that is not so important. You want to know how you can do rough milling from the side. Please look in the third tab "Orientation". You can select from which side you want do the rough milling. You can even select "other rotation" and define the A- and C-angle.

  • Thank you! That got me very close to what I need. Is there a way to have the A angle stay at 90 degrees to the profile but have the C angle be dynamic? I see the option under finish milling but not for rough milling. I keep having a contact issue because it is not varying the C angle to follow the profile. Thank youRec Room Corbel onside fixed.mprx

  • Hallo TySweig ,

    du kannst das Schruppen in mehrere Gruppen aufteilen, und dann mit unterschiedlichen Winkeln programmieren!

    Im Reiter Flächen, Bereiche, Technologie 2 kannst du eine 2D-Begrenzung Kurven angeben. Somit könntest du z.B. 3x Schruppen einfügen und jedes Makro eine eigene Begrenzung hinzufügen. Für die 2D Begrenzung benötigst du eine geschlossene Kontur oder Kurve!

    Eine andere Möglichkeit wäre, das man das schruppen mit dem Makro Schlichten ausführt!

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