Cutrite Cutting pattern .bmp to woodstore to saw

  • Hey

    How i can get cuttingpattern go to woodstore plan folder to saw plan folder. cutting pattern goea automaticly from woodstore to saw but plan folder doesnt do the same? or any other solution to get cutting graph .bmp to saw woodstore program thanks.

  • So Main question is this:

    How i can get pland go from woostore main PC computer to SAW plan folder automaticly same way than cutting patterns go? any ideas.

  • Hello Mr_Tuner,

    this requires some setup in woodStore and in Cut Rite. Bacsically Cut Rite needs to call the export program in the background when you transfer the patterns to the storage, so it will generate BMP files in-parallel and move them to the right directory.
    This depends on the structure of your Cut Rite and storage configuration and needs to be assisted by the HOMAG service department. Please contact for further help.

    Thanks and best regards!

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