NC Generator won't generate

  • I am trying to drill a 48 x 96 sheet of plywood as 5 mm pegboard with 1 inch spacing. I have created a line bore and created a block to cover the entire sheet. everything draws fine but when I go to generate the program, it never completes the generation. No error comes up, it just starts to generate as normal but doesn't finish. i have left it for an hour and still it did not finish generating. When I did a sample of 2 foot x 3 foot, it had no problem. Any suggestions? Perhaps the computer doesn't have enough power to compute 4000 or so holes? If I change to 32 mm spacing it will do it but the hardware that the customer wants to use on the pegboard requires 1 inch spacing.

  • We had the same problem for perforated panels, each panel contained around 1500-2500 holes and our constructor was mad because all system broked down when started to generate. Then we went another way, just split all holes in seperate programs and after generation in wood wop open all programs and copy in one. We done this and everything was fine.

  • Hello,

    Such a program may crash on older machines, because it contains approx. 66,000 lines of code. The size of the woodWOP file itself is not large, but when converted to cnc code, the number of lines becomes quite large.

    With old people's g-code, such a program is less than 20 lines, when you can make it a so-called loop.


  • I was able to accomplish the project by doing it in 4 separate programs and running then in a production list. It was still slow to generate but it was able to do it. Thank you for the help!

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