• Hello, I am trying to create tenons on the end of a board using Island Pockets. When I draw it on my office computer running WW8, there is no problem. When I try to run it on our 5 axis cnc router (Centeteq P110) running WW7, it says that there is a parsing error. I can not find where the issue is. Maybe someone here can figure it out? Thank you

    Slat Tenon island.mprx

  • Moin,

    vermutlich hat das Programm an der Maschine die Führungskurve verloren!

    Programmiere das Makro an der Maschine einmal neu. Aber darauf achten das du das neue Makro über das alte einfügst, damit der Fehler nicht übernommen wird.

    Viele Grüße

  • Hello,

    Check that you are not using a tool with a diameter that is too large. That particular program works for me with a 5mm tool like in picture 1 and with an 8mm or larger tool like in picture 2. For such machining, I recommend making a component, and not trying to use a pocket macro.


  • I actually did think about the tool being too large and so I switched it to a 6mm bit. The error on the island pocket macro now says that there is an issue with smoothing. I was able to get what i needed by using route paths but for future projects, I would like to find out how to do it using island pocketing as I'm sure that would have been a much "cleaner" way to do it.

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