Saw / Miterfold Aggregate Tool Life Travel Warning

  • We have a new machine with a saw / miterfold aggregate and we keep getting a "Tool Life Travel Warning Limit" (See attached pic)

    We have contacted Stiles about this and we still keep getting this warning. How to we reset or avoid this very annoying warning message???

    This is the "saw / miterfold" aggregate for reference.

  • In your toolmanager you can set values and percentages from when you want to get warnings regarding tool life, this is measured in most cases in total meters it has cut.

    This is to help the operators so they know when a tool is getting dull and needs to be changed for proper quality and longer life of the tools/aggregates even the spindels itself if it gets really really dull.

  • Should be in a tab called Standard Value.

    If the values are locked that is because you are on machine level and need to relog into machine+

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