Drill deep dowel hole with contour

  • Hi all,

    Do anyone know how to drill deep dowel hole with contour function instead of drill block. Can i write the program do it? do i have to change the setting in tool management? the tooling is setup as trimmer. its a 10mm bit and i would like to drill 10mm dowel hole as 57mm deep.


  • Hello,

    you don't need to change anything in the tool management when you drill holes with the pocket command. Use pocket milling command, 10mm diameter and select the 10mm tool, then the movement will only take place in the z-direction.


  • Hi samiki,

    Thanks for the help. Do you know how to change the plan i want to drill in. I choose the horizontal pocket. This will reference the bottom of the work piece. I want to drill on the left. I changed the angle to 0. But the spindle still drill in the front of the plan. Do you know how to change it to drill on the left. Really appriciate your help.

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