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  • Hello,

    I'd like to know if anyone has worked on an optimization profile comparison solution?
    The idea is to create a script that optimizes a series of parts lists. The idea is to create a script that optimizes a series of parts lists, and then change the parameters to evaluate performance.
    As I have a lot of parts lists, I can't do this process manually.
    Thanks for sharing :)

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    have you alreday heard of intelliDivide?
    This is a new web-based optimization software from HOMAG that calculates several solutions at the same time by using different parameter settings
    The operator has nothing to set - just import a parts list (or severals parts lists) and start the optimization.

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    intelliDivide Cutting
  • Hi,

    I already test intelliDivide but it doesn't meet our requirements. We have a particular process whose every part is unique, we generate hundreds of parts list a week, we have some cutting rules, ... for now intelliDivide doesn't seem mature enough. Let's wait a few years to see how it evolve...

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