Left Alignment on BHX055

  • Hello i have a BHX 055 where i had to restore the computer to some previuos version due to some crashes, now after the restore when i run a program the machine pulls the piece to inside and then instead of start drilling it aligns the piece with its back against the cylinder rod and then start drilling, like if i had the left align softkey turn on, but it is not turned on, i dont know if it is only some configuration missing

    Attached are some photos and videos of what is happing.

    the video:
    iCloud Fotos – Apple iCloud

  • Maybe you can upload the program? i think that in program maybe there is some wrong information about correct corners and machine runs it normally or this happens with all programs?

  • It happen in all programs, it started after i restored a backup of the systema due to some files corrupted.

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