Help with WoodWop 6

  • Hi,

    how to create a dashed line, (let the stroke be 3 cm, after 1 cm), and its length was along the entire length of the workpiece, -the length is changed-the length of the dotted line changes,
    I do not need it, but I want to know the principles of creating such programs.
    Ato happens very It is necessary to continue the same type drawing on a part if its length increases.
    While it is necessary to create such parts through a component, and I place them on a maximum on a workpiece, and then in a line for conditions I check to draw it or not, depending on the detail length.
    And if it is necessary to multiply them by breadth not, then put the whole set of components in a block, and multiply the blocks with the width check,

    Any Suggestion Would be appreciate.

    I didn't find right solution on the internet.

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