Optimize Cutting for cutting 3 panels at the same time

  • Hello,

    Does anyone use Wood CAD|CAM for production? Is there a way for one to choose an optimization in CUT Rite, a CSV file cut list originated from Wood CAD|CAM, to include as many times as possible the cutting of 3 panels at the same time? Even if this optimization translates in more waste?

    Our problem is that the Cut Rite is optimizing cutting plans in a way that similar pieces are separated throughout cutting plans, so what we want is that the optimization includes as many cases as possible where 3 panels are cut at once.

    Anyone can help?

  • Hi Diogo,

    I think there are different alternatives to achieve this or to get at least close to it. First option is, to set the minimum cutting height in the saw parameters to the equivalent of 3 sheets. Cut Rite will then multiply all patterns to reach the min cutting height. This will result in an overproduction, but you will always be cutting 3 sheets high.
    Second, you can alternatively activate the parameter "duplicate parts - show in single pattern" in the optimising parameters. If the same part size appears again and again in your list, then Cut Rite will try to put these "duplicates" on top of each other rather than side-by-side. This should also result in a better usage of your max. cutting height.

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