dxf import problems windows version

  • Hi,

    i have this problem. I installed freecad in some Windows Pc's. When i try to import a dxf file in Win 10 pc Freecad does 'wire' objects, instead when i try to import a dxf file in Win 8.1 pc Freecad makes lines, arcs..etc etc.In all Pc i installed freecad 0.16(last stable version 0.16.6706.f86.. etc etc) and the last dxf import version (1.39). I would 'wire' objects on all the import file. I've seen some posts that talk about 'wires' with lines and arcs and the problem of the order of them. They use FixWire command in python. Can it be a solution for me? How can I use it on the python command line with the selected lines(and arcs)after import?

    Please help.

    I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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