Z Axis lowering speed

  • Ok Guy's n Girl's

    I'm trying to find a way to control the Z axis lowing speed for when dropping into wood using on the fly, the machine will only drop in @ the speed set for the feed. I've tried various different ways with no joy, I'm using contours not pockets.

  • Hello Craig,

    I think you should be able to control that through "change technology parameter" in "NC macros" tab, can you send a sample program where you would like to use this and I'll have a look?

  • That's exactly what I thought but I've tried with no luck, ive also spoken to Homag about this and they cant help.

  • Hello Craig,

    To be able to control approach and retract path speeds, you'll have to draw those paths as contours, I'm sending you a sample file to give you an idea.

    Yes I tried that a few weeks ago and used the CTP but it still didn't work. Have you got something like this working at your end? could be possible something no quiet right with my system.

  • I've tried the file that I've send over in my previous post on our machine and it works fine, lowering speed is set to 1m/min and the rest is 5m/min, if it doesn't work on your side then sorry, I'm out of ideas...
    Maybe try contacting Homag?

  • yes your file works fine I think because you are going to the absolute depth but we are using milling in steps it doesn't seem to like it.

  • All you have to do then is add several vertical trimming macros (depending on the amount of steps you want), with different Z depths.
    Have a look at the file that I'll attach with this post.

    Yes that is a way round it but very very long winded when we use so many different board thicknesses and other operations connected, I would have to rewrite all the my components which could take months. I still cant believe there isn't an area where you can control the tool descent like many other manufacturers SCA Biesse etc etc

  • Yes you're right, there is no easy way, unless we're missing something.
    The other machine I'm using got that option built in, you just set the feedrate for contour approach and you're ready to go.
    Something for Homag to look into I suppose.

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