WEEKE optimat bhc250 (program bigger than NUM memory - Activate DNC-Mode)

  • Hallo, does anyone else has this problem?
    I want to cut a simple design on our weeke bhc 250.
    The mpr filesize is as small as 380kb. Homatic IPC translates it with no errors, imports it ok and shows a popup box with the message
    program bigger than NUM memory -
    Activate DNC-Mode

    And after that
    popup 52L Bad file name or number (and the popup keeps poping without a way to close it for ever)

    I am quite frustrated, i mean it is an old machine but if a filesize of 360-380kb is not cut-Able then what can i do with this cnc?

    Does anyone know a way to enter DNC-MODE as it asks? I cannot find something in the manual.
    And if we manage to activate it by your help do you know the filesize we'll be able to run on this machine?

    thank you in advance

  • it was not the filename, or something.
    If anyone encounters the same problem, is due to that 9files must be copied to the /prg folder.
    I found the files to the folder /dnc_upg and copied them to the /prg folder

    Now everything is fine.

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