3d tool paths running slow

  • I have some parts that were designed and cammed in Fusion 360 with a parallel 3d tool path. They are running extremely slow. Fusion estimates the runtime at 1 minute. On the our vantech machine they are taking over 3 minutes. I tried the two different smoothing functions in woodwop, but didn't see much of a difference. On our old machine you used to be able to go into the gcode and put a tangency factor (G09F) that would smooth out the lines into arc segments. Any one have any ideas on how to speed this program up.


  • On my machine (HOMAG BMG 512) I have two different smoothing options: contour mode and B-Spline
    I simulated your file on my machine. It´s 10 times the same part so I tried the settings just for 1 part.

    The result:
    Without smoothing: 3:14 min
    Contour mode: 2:23 min
    B-Spline: 1:52 min

    So you can see there is an effect by using the smoothing options.

    By the way: Fusion never will be able to calculate a precise processing time. The CAD/CAM system are just calculating in as easy (stupid) way: time = distance/feed.
    The error is that the programmed feed mostly can´t be reached. The distances are to short to accelerate to the feed. The machine has to brake at a corner and has to accelerate again ...

  • I B-spline is definitely faster. I tried both on the parts. These parts don't have real tight tolerances, do you have any recommendations for changing the settings in the B-spline mode that might speed it up even more?

  • I am using always the default settings:
    track deviation: 0,2 [mm]
    angular deviation: 3,0 [°]

    Depending on the precision that is needed on your parts you can increase these values. Just try it.

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