Grain Match Template error

  • Hi guys,

    i have a job with 10 base cabinets with a drawer front and 2 doors, i try to grain match each cabinet with this template

    1st cabinet : 1DRW2DR:1:0 -1DRW2DR:2:0 - 1DRW2DR:3:0

    2nd cabinet : 1DRW2DR:1:1 -1DRW2DR:2:1 - 1DRW2DR:3:1

    3rd cabinet : 1DRW2DR:1:2 -1DRW2DR:2:2 - 1DRW2DR:3:2
    and so forth...

    i export my order from WCC to Cut Rite everything works fine but then i get a message saying [ PART BELONGS TO INCOMPLETE TEMPLATE ]
    any help would be great on how to fix that!

  • Hi,
    Try this. Save the same template 10 times and apply them to each cabinet. Something like ...
    1DRW2DR-A for 1st cabinet
    1DRW2DR-B for 2nd cabinet and so on.

    I just tried this and it did work with one template only. However when I got this error before that's how I got it working.

    This is for "Grain Matching" on saw (Pattern Library). I haven't found a way to get this type of template working for Netsting (Template Router).


  • hi [USER="479"]ET477[/USER] that's how i did now too, some templates work sometimes with just changing 1:0 to 1:1 to 1:2 but then sometimes it works.

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