V10/11 extended optimizer time

  • Hey how many of you guys use this function?
    Do you see any benefits?

  • Yes, we use this function.
    It's useful when you want to get better results in case of lower waste.
    Sometimes you get also lower cutting time.
    We optimize from 900 up to 2500 pieces in one optimization

    If you want to know if it's useful for you, you should try different settings.
    What's important for you? Save cutting time or low waste?

  • Danke!! I have been "playing around" with the settings, I just haven't found what the minimum amount of parts are for this setting to be most effective.

  • Hi!

    You don't need to have very high volumes. It´s also important to have the right sized parts in the right amount. Then you will have the
    most effect.

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