Condition statements

  • the condition for the second stop could be first stop <>1. when the first stop is 1 (true/on) the condition statement will be false therefore 0.

  • Not sure I understand. Could you explain more or show me in an MPR?

  • Ok, now I understand. but that requires user/operator interaction to turn that 1st stop on/off.

    The condition in my 1st stop says (t>11.5 AND t< 12.45 AND l>2032) OR ncss=1

    My 1st stop turns on/off automatically by looking at t and l. And if on operator needs to override t and l, they would go to global variables and set ncss=1

    I would like my 2nd stop to be OFF when my 1st stop is ON......which would mean whenever (t>11.5 AND t< 12.45 AND l>2032) is true or ncss=1 then the 2nd stop would be OFF

    Thanks for your help!

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