Min trim for recut V7 compared to V11

  • Would anyone know why I have to set up the recut on V11 but on V7 I can do anything..the guy training me from stiles couldnt give me a definitive answer. He said v7 might be ignoring the recut rules. for example In a pattern could place a 613.5 part and right beside it a 609. now if I try that with v11 i have to set the re cut smaller than the kerf.
    Can I set this to ignore these settings like V7 is doing?
    I have hpl33 saws running cad3

  • Hi Shuz,

    I assume you are talking about the "min. trim for recut" setting. As to my knowledge, this behaves identically in all Cut Rite releases, so there is no difference between V7 and V11. The setting defines the minimum difference in width that a part must have to be placed in a certain strip. If you set it to 5mm front and 5mm rear, then a 609mm part would nat least require a 619mm wide strip if cut as a recut. Some parameters have been dropped in that area in V11 and they might have had a correlation with the min trim for recut setting, but basically it should behave the same.
    If you do not find that your cut is getting inaccurate or you have extraordinary wear on your saw blade, then it is not important to what you set it. However it is recommended to have a trim that allows the blade to run in the material and not only scratch it.
    Especially on high books the blade might bend and get in touch with the machine table. If this was not a problem so far, just use the same setting as before.

  • Well v11 officially sucks in my book because of this. :(
    Thanks for your help

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