Windows 7 Pro upgrade to Windows 10 on a BMG Machine

  • My BMG Venture 115 PC came preinstalled with Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 32Bit OS. With Microsoft ending official support for Windows 7 next week, I am afraid that I may miss a "FREE" from Windows 7 to Windows 10 upgrade opportunity. Question here is... Has any of you experts successfully upgraded a Windows 7 Pro 32Bit to a Windows 10 64 Bit? have you ran into any problem? How did you resolved the issue you faced? Thanks for your kind input.

  • The 'free' upgrade to windows 10 officially ended years ago however i'm guessing you are aware there is a loophole. on that note, i would NOT suggest doing an upgrade on your machine. i just had a lengthy discussion with stiles (us homag) and they have had issues even doing all the security updates to 7 on the machine pc.

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