Error message - Tool change

  • Hi,

    We have a second hand BHX055 in our shop. The machine has been installed 2 weeks ago.
    A few days ago, we suddenly had a problem (an error message) during milling.
    I don't know the exact cause, bu I think it was because of lack of air pressure during a tool change.
    The machine did a tool change, but the tool that was in the spindle was not released. The tool was still in the spindle.
    The machine stopped working, because the tool was still in the spindle (detected by te software) so a new tool couldn't be picked.
    I don't know the exact error message, because of the Corona crisis I'm not able to be in front of the machine.
    The machine is the shop of my son.
    He was able to release the tool in the spindle by forcing pressured air into the release mechanism of the spindle.
    But the machine still thinks that the tool is in the spindle. A technician tried to solve the problem from a distance (taking over the screen) but it didn't work.
    He tried to force the inputs/outputs in the PLC software bu no succes.
    Anyone who know this problem, and know a solution for this?


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