woodwop 5 and bpp5

  • Hi

    I need to move my woodwop5 and bpp5 license to my new computer

    Please prove me information how to do this

  • Hi Nico,

    welcome to our new software forum. We are a little bit surprised how you found the forum because it is not officially online yet.

    Anyhow: The first question is: Are you sure that your woodWOP 5 has a license? We started with the licensing not from the beginning of woodWOP 5.

    To find out if a license is used just have a look if the tool "license manager (Lizenzverwaltung)" is running on your pc.

    If yes you have to enter your eParts access data. We are using the online platform eParts to manage the software licenses.

    By using the license manager you will also find a button to put on hold. If you click that button and your eParts access is valid, the license is given back to eParts. In the next step you install woodWOP on the new pc and start once again the license manager. Now you can take the license from eParts.

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