BHX055 Clamp Error

  • Hello, this is my first post to this forum. We have a BHX055 vertical CNC center and ever since we've been running the machine I can't seem to figure out how / why there are certain programs that will error out due to the clamp position. I've attached a part that I tried to run last week and it wont do the rectangular paths (that will later get routed out by hand) We thought that the machine will calculate where to clamp to be able to run.

    Any help and insight on this would be greatly appreciated!


  • Hello!

    It is a good idea to use a component for such machining, where the milling is divided into four parts and the division point is in so-called quarters. By doing so, milling could be successful, because the machine has a limited movement in the X-direction with one grip of 900mm.


  • Derrick, this is likely to do with the range of motion limitations (X-Axis) the clamp has. For example, with a traditional woodWOP driven machine you would simply program a contour and apply a routing function macro to it. On the BHX 055, there are constraints, as the gripper can only travel a certain distance without having to release, move and re-clamp. There are macros created to help with this. Your HOMAG sales/service location would be able to assist you with understanding how these work.

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