Enroute software post settings

  • Hello,

    We purchased a used Weeke Vantech 480. I currently program in Enroute for the three Multicam machines we have in our shop. I'm trying to use Enroute to program the Weeke but I'm having problems getting the post to work correctly. Enroute doesn't allow me to program in meters per minute. Enroute told me the values to put in and the post is supposed to convert but I have yet to get a correct "F_" feed rate value. Enroute swears the post works. Does anybody know if the feed in WoodWOP is displayed in meters per minute? Does anybody have the parameters to set up the Enroute post correctly? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Hi,

    You should be able to use mm per min. See image below. That's what we use (Enroute 5 and 6).

    As Driver we use "Weeke - RArcs". Our CNC is a Weeke Vantage 37L.

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