Woodwop 5 tool path.

  • Hello Everyone.

    Does anyone knows how can I transfer a 3D tool path to Woodwop?

    I mean not a flat path but with a values in Z axis also.



  • i was also looking for the same thing. searched the youtube quite a bit, but never found anything substantial on transferring three dimensional path. now i am thinking, if at all it can be done lol. I guess, i will dig into some eduhelphub tutorials next.

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  • Hello!

    Importing a 3d toolpath is possible if you have, for example, an Alphacam or similar CAM program with the right kind of postprocessor. The correct G-code is added to the woodWOP program via the nc subroutine macro. Another style is to add a toolpath through polyline milling, but this depends on how the postprocessor is made.


  • Yes, it is possible to import 3D milling paths (actually 2.5D) from other software (CAM) to WoodWop
    I've done that myself many, many times.
    I used Artcam and Vectric Aspire.
    Both are modellers and CAMs
    Both Artcam and Vectric Aspire have dedicated postprocessors for the Homag / Weeke machines

    In the attachment there is a sample file generated from Artcam.

    The file weighs 2.5 MB so ... it may take longer to load into WoodWop.

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