Backup hard drive missing

  • Hello can i ask some help about my woodwop backup hardrive we missedplace it now its almost 4 months i cannot backup woodwop software if you have idea or help if possible to use other usb hardrive how to make it thnkz i hope you can help me

  • Do you mean the backup harddisk you plug to the USB Port on your machine?

    Here you can use any other harddisk.

    Format to FAT32

    Important: the harddisk name (label) must be HGUSB_BACKUP

    Then it will work....

  • So you mean any usb drive I can use just follow your instruction how can I use and we're I can find in setting thnkz I hope you help me more

  • Your USB Harddisk must called "HGUSB_BACKUP" so schlager said.

    Then put it in your Usb on the Termial of the CNC and make an Backup.

    Gruß Sebastian

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