Import DXF to woodwop 5, error message saying (Workpiece generated with Zero Dimension) (LA=0.000000 BR=0.000000 DI=0.000000)

  • Hello,

    Hoping someone can help as i am really stuck. Everytime i import the DXF at the cnc with woodwop 5, it finds the file, loads it but when you press convert to MPR it throws up the below error and will not let me proceed.

    I have attached one of the DXF files i have to see if it helps. i do have more lol.

    Please help :)

    Kind regards

    Chris Brown

    G003 Ambulant WC Panel drgs for the CNC x2no..dxf

  • Hello!

    you will need to have the correct layers in the lines. Without the right layers, there will be just such a problem. In older versions of woodWOP you always need the correct names for the layers, but woodWOP 7.2 can import lines without layers name.

    Ex. contour -> layer = Geometry_0

    Ex. part30mm -> layer =ProcPart_30


  • Thank you, We are currently using google sketch and importing into Cad, then trying to import into Woodwop, could this process be a problem from google sketch?



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