Lamello Clamex component

  • Hi ,

    anyone on here can tell me how i can use / setup the Lamello Clamex component with cut rite? i was told when i transfer to machine center cut rite inserts the Lamello Clamex component in the MPR file.

    thanks for any help

  • Hello!

    How you create mpr files, which cut rite to nest? Do you use template files to which you send variables or do you use woodCAD / CAM to create mpr files?

    If you use template programs that use components, that works directly.


  • Hello!

    Template files (.mpr/.mprx program) are used in a situation where the cut rite is imported from a cut list in excel or csv format. In this case, there is one column for each part in the list, where is the name of the template program to be used.

    In such a case, the list just tells the cut rite what the dimensions of each piece are and what template program is used. The programs used are parametric and can contain components, etc. The variables of the template programs can be controlled by a list.

    In your case, the change should be made to the woodCAD/CAM program to get the .mpr files to be created according to the component. This is because every time you create new programs, this is how a woodCAD/CAM program should be able to add components to a .mpr program.


  • samiki thanks for your reply, you know where i can get that 'Project manager' for Woodwop from? i changed the setting in cut rite but now its asking me for the 'Project manager' ?

    i only get the components to work with WoodCAD/Cam when i export it as standard MPR but when i export it for cut rite it doesn't show the components in cut rite?

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