Edge Angle Layer

  • Hello Everyone,

    I am designing a unit that is going it to a corner and the unit top is on a angle. A have to cut two side panels edge on an angle and also the top panel has to be cut on an angle on both edges. Is anyone know what layer could determine the angle that is have to be cut?

    Many Thanks!!!!!

  • Hello Sami,

    Thank you very much for responds.

    Yes please this or any similar layers that we could work for the sane purpose. I have attached what Unit we have to design and be able to apply layer to cat all those edges.

    Many Thanks

  • Hello!

    if I understood you want to cut the edge to some angle?

    You can use either sawing or milling


    layer: uni_saw0_-1A10
    layer: uni_saw1_-1A10

    saw0-2 = type

    _-1 = depth

    A10 = angle


  • Thanks a million Sami!!!!

    Would you please be able to share a milling layer to?

    As more layer I'll no is better :)

    Again Thank you very much!!!!

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