Components recall X-position

  • Can you recall in a component the x-postion of the component?

    The component is placed on x=150 (variable) and I want to use this postion in the component for futher placement of tools.

  • That wasn't the question, that's part of the problem.

    The problem is more that I want to use the position of the x,y cordinates of the component placement.

    So a component is place at x=50 and Y=25. How can I call these cordinates in the component.

  • The problem is that the mpr program automatically comes out of our CAD/CAM software.

    It already exports a component with uses variables to place the different tools.

    This works fine with left doors but it doesn't work right with right doors.

    This because I can't use the x,y cordinates of the placement.

    No we solve this by using a right and left door template, but people often use the wrong template wich cause more work.

  • The problem is that it's not always a left door with a left component sometimes it's a right door.

    People make mistakes (a lot), we want it fool proof.

    And at the machine the operator only scan's and has no further info.

    Program's are created automatic.

  • Hi,

    if i understand your problem right, there´s no solution.

    Using the recall-position from main program in the called component isn´t possible.

    I think your way isn´t right.

    You should adapt your components and the PP if your CAD/CAM.



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