• Hi all,

    I'm having issues with opening .mpr files into the CNC-simulator. It seems I need to change the file to a .ges file in order to open it in the CNC-simulator.

    I only know this because, on occasion, a file will show as a .ges file. Then, it will open in the simulator. However, without getting lucky, I don't know how to change the file from an .mpr to a .ges.

    Has anyone experienced this issue?

    Linked, are two pictures: one pic shows the error message when I try to open an .mpr file in the simulator. The next picture shows an example of a file that will open in the simulator.

  • Hello!

    Make the desired program in woodWOP and save it. Generate program in woodWOP. This is how woodWOP creates these .ges /.yges needed by the simulator, with the necessary toolpaths. .ges = normal, yges = mirror program. The generated programs can be found in the prg folder


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