woodWOP 8.0 Keynote video - online event on 27.10.2021 at 01:00 pm (CET)

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    woodWOP 8 – New functions. Infinite possibilities.

    Dear woodWOP fans,

    on Wednesday 27.10.2021 at 01:00 pm (CET) we are streaming the woodWOP 8.0 keynote video on LIVE.HOMAG .

    You can sign up for free here:


    You will find an overview of other interesting events here as well. For example: the woodWOP olympics on 28.10.2021 (German language only).

    Best regards,

    your woodWOP team

  • Hello WoodWOP Team,

    We are anxious to get the details on the NEW .MPRXE xml format. We currently have integrations that use the MPR format and want to make sure we can continue sending our programs to the machines as they get upgraded.

    Thanks !!

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