Can I add the following details to layers in CAD?

  • Hi all,

    My question is in regards to layer names in CAD.

    Is it possible to add these details in layer names?

    1. Step-down trimming

    2. Toolpath direction (Also, sometimes, after importing DXF to WoodWOP, I'm not able to change the toolpath direction. The "Forward/Backward" check box is not clickable. Therefore, some pieces will be trimmed with climb cut instead of conventional cut. This happens randomly, I think.)

    3. Unit of measurement

    It would be quicker for our operators if they didn't need to change these settings every time a DXF is imported to WoodWOP.

    If not, is there a place in CAD that I'm able to set up these details?


  • Hello andyframes,

    in addition to the woodWOP DXF Import basic there is a DXF Import professional version available. By using the professional version you can control more or less all parameters from woodWOP macros. You can start the professional version 50 times free of charge for testing.

    DXF Import professional is working in that way that you create own import rules. By using the rules you can assign all woodWOP parameters. You also can create your own layer names and you can define which parameters you want to influence by layer name and which parameters are fix by rule.

    Please contact your HOMAG dealer to support you with training and manuals.

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