the Free form pocket in Woodwop 5.0 is not supported in BHT 500 machine?

  • Does BHT 500 not accept or not support the toolpath created with the free form pocket in Woopwop 5.0?

    If not, is there any alternative that BHT 500 accept the tool path?

    JJ Hwang from Korea

  • The BHT 500 seems to be ... an automatic drilling machine, not a milling machine.
    So it's no surprise that it doesn't support milling

  • I was working on a Weeke BHT500 15 years ago

    Weeke sold the machine with woodwop 5

    But the version of woodwop was a bit differ to the standard version

    we didn't accept the situation

    Weeke got it done after a while, was like the standard version so pocketing was ok but can't remember was this for free form pockets as well.

    Contact Homag I guess they'll find a solution

    Manuel writing the free form pocket could be an option draw the lines in Auto cad with correct tool distance

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