CNC is missing holes after NC stop

  • Hello Woodwop team.

    I have Woodwop 5.0 - (Build 852.0) at machine Weeke Venture 1M

    I have these MPR than include an NC stop. Optimization for vertical drilling is off.

    The program starts as expected.

    In both files, after the NC stop it drills only the first hole and then it stops like the program is normally finished

    The other 4 are not executed. It is like they do not exist. No error message.

    If I hide commands before NC stop and leave only these 4 holes, then they are drilled as expected.

    (I tried to alter their coordinates 0.1mm because they are identical with the first holes of the program, just in case it gets confused and assumes they are drilled. The problem still exists)

    This is huge problem because we have to be careful all the time when there is NC stop. It happens only with NC stop and not always. Something triggers this problem at specific files.

  • Hi Papaxas,

    We had the same issue with our previous machine, a Venture 5, which had Woodwop 5 installed.

    Identical holes after an NC stop were overlooked by the machine.

    The work round I used was to change the depth in z of the second set of holes by 0.1mm.


  • Hi Mark_kiddle. Thank you very much. This trick works. Now I just have to write some code that automatically will do this z change

    Sami, putting in a block all holes did not work. But thank you for your suggestion

    It looks like MCC has an internal check for identical holes so that it does not do them twice. This check does not take into consideration the NC-stop.

    I suppose Weeke or Homag stuff should look at it if this still exists in new machines. They should also look the optimization of holes to split the file if an nc stop exists.

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