Woodwop 5 MCC 1.2 Weeke Optima 200

  • Hi we are a new prefab start-up company focusing on Wikihouses;

    - We just bought a Weeke Optima 200 using Woodwop 5 [I think] and are relcoating it to our workshop - we have no experience in CNC machines

    - We use Revit to do all our house designs

    What is the best way to convert/import/export the Revit design rvt into Woodwop 5?


  • The most common way to import technical drawings into woodWOP is the DXF import to import 2D models. We are using layer names to assign the processing like routing, drilling, sawing, etc.
    Depending on your version it might be that it`s on optional modul and not included.

    Since woodWOP 6 the DXF Import is a standard tool in woodWOP.

    Since woodWOP 7 there is the possibility to import even 3D drawings (stp, igs, stl).

  • Thanks Admin, It was recommended that we go from Revit to Fusion 360 or Inventor - to perform more detailed CAM then to Woodwop.

    Is that what you would recommend?

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