any way to set "approach clearance" from autocad/woodWOP DXF-Import

  • I have problems with the "approach clearance" option in woodwop 7, I already know how to export from autocad to woodwop7 but the operator has to change in each macro the "approach clearance" option by default is 0.

    Any way to configure or where I can change the default values of the macros? :/

  • I found a way, it can be changed if you open the .mpr with notebook and change "AZ="0"" for the value you want and replace the value in all macros with "replace all" but how can I change AZ from the beginning?

  • Hello!

    If you have a Pro version of dxf import, you can do all the configuration the way you want. See the picture for how that "AZ" addition can be done, for example. After this change, the import profile is saved and you can use the values you set. In the Dxf import basic version you cannot save the profile so the import settings do not change even if you change them.


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