Edge banding and CutRite

  • Hi all,

    is there a setting to make the nest deduct the thickness of the edge banding material from the part on the flatbed so it can later be made up to size by the edge bander after being Machined?

    we have some delicate material that requires us to do this and run our edge bander with the no premill function.


  • Hmmm... This depends on what programs you are using for nesting. When you are using MPR / MPRX or DXF files, then Cut Rite can only use the dimensions from the part programs. If you are using the Cut Rite machining library to program your parts, then you can use the edging library to set up edges and assign them to the parts in the list. Cut Rite will then use the values from the edging library to adjust the part sizes.

    Best regards!

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