Using Created Offcuts in Other Runs

  • Hello everyone,

    So I want to use an offcut (RESTO_NAGL0049/00009710) of one run (smk_tudojuntos_restos) (see attachment offcut-RESTO-NAGL0049-00009710) in another run (22003948) (see attachment 22003948).

    However, I cannot select the pretended offcut (RESTO_NAGL0049/00009710) in the Pattern Ammendment option of the other run (22003948) (see attchment Pattern ammendment).

    Together I'll attach my Optimising Parameters for these runs (see attachment Offcuts parameters) and also my System Parameters (see attachment System Parameters).

    Can someone help me get through this issue?

    Thanks in advance.

  • I think it is better to contact HOMAG Support to answer these questions as I doubt that any other use will be able to troubleshoot.

  • What I did is I would first optimize the file to see how much material i would use.

    Next when I get to the screen when you can change the size/material etc..I just entered the size of the offcuts and quantities in the board list

    then change the limit of the regular boards to 0 and the quantity to a number smaller than what you would use to optimise it.

    I would then use the same board code to Temporarily create another board with the dimension of the offcuts and set the quantity to the number of offcuts.

    I would also change the limit to 9. Then re-optimize the file

    I hope that makes sense lol

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  • Ah shoot I miss read your post. I thought you already tried that lol

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