Left and right tools

  • Hello everybody.

    As I have a program made with two tools (1-left and 1-right) to not damage the edges, I ask if it is possible to reverse the work order when the program is mirrored. Or do I have to create 2 different programs?

    I'm new to WoodWop and I have this difficulty.

    I'm grateful for help.

  • Hello!

    There are three ways to change the tool for mirroring. This depends on which version of woodWOP you have.

    If you are using version 7.2 or later, you can do it in one machining operation and select the trimming direction: synchronous rotation OR reverse rotation (changing a tool) This also requires settings in the tool management "Complementary tool"

    In older versions, you have to do either two separate machining operations that you control _mirror / _nonmirror condition

    Or do a single machining of the IF expression in the tool column field

    Ex... IF _mirror THEN 101 ELSE 102


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