Is it possible to import a spiral from autocad?

  • Hello everyone,

    I wanted to see if there is a more practical way to do this, I commented that I don't have the pro version of woodwop 7 cadcam, but I do have the pro version of the dxf importer, the idea is to make bowls, grooves, I don't know as it is said in English, but I leave a reference image, is it possible to import a spiral that starts at 0 and ends at 3/8 to the center? or the only way to do it is with several passes to different radios as I show in the photo.

    and at the end, the sandpaper is passed manually.

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    You can import 3D DXF files in woodWOP 7 since there is a integrated 3D CAD system in woodWOP.
    We are importing 3D DXF, STL, IGS, STP.

    This CAD elements can be converted to a woodWOP contour. This contour can be used for vertical trimming.

    Take care that you enter as milling depth this: @0

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