import dxf file and Pocketing and Milling

  • Hi all experts,

    We are stairs builder, I have a Biesse Rover C, now I got a 5 axis Homag, really a fresh guy to Homag CNC.

    By using Biesseworks, I can
    1. import the dxf file,
    2. define the geometry
    3. define the tool path to different layer, Pocketing or Milling.

    then a stair stringer programming could be done.

    For now, how can I do the same thing on Homag? once I imported the file, how to define the geometry/layer, and make tool path to each layer/geometry?

    Thanks for browsering my questions. dxf file and Biesseworks file attached. Hope it may help.

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    Of course you can do that with HOMAG and woodWOP.
    You even can use predefined layer names in your DXF file to assign the processing like routing, milling, drilling, pocketing, sawing, etc. already in the DXF.

    After the import you get already a ready-to-use CNC file.

    Please ask your machine dealer for a training. A forum is no training side ;)

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