Centateq E-500

  • Oh, these are magnetic boards, maybe someone here has experience with them.

    Hat jemand hier öfters Magnethaftplatten gefräßt? Also das HPL mit Matalleinlage? Kann da einer nen fräßer empfehlen? oder hat jemand den Leuco Magnethaftplattenfräßer und kann den weiterempfehlen?

  • LEUCO - Finishing Cutters VHW - magnet bond boards
    Tool selection made easy: With filters for tool dimensions, your machine type/manufacturer or your material to be machined, you will receive your machine tools…

    I found and ordered one tool special for magnetic boards but still waiting delivery and then will make some tests to see if it works. It would be helpful if someone have worked with this kind of material and give some support

  • mir schaut die kante aus wie wenn mit zu viel spanabnahme in gleichlauf gefräst würde.

    würde den letzten span mit 1mm im gegenlauf wegnehmen.

  • I tried on both directions and max trimming distance was 1mm, i tried even 0,5mm and the same result but yes when trimming smaller distance result is better.

  • Bei Magnetplatten würd ich sagen ist Diamant nicht das richtige. Diamant ist meiner meinung nicht scharf genug um so eine Dünne schicht sauber zu fügen.

    Ich habs die paar mal die ichs gemacht habe mit der Säge vorgeschnitten und mit dem Falzkopf oszilierend gefügt. War ein Perfektes ergebnis.

    Bei größerer stückzahl würde ich aber auch den Leuco fräßer für Magnethaftplatten testen.

    For magnetic plates I would say diamond is not the right one. In my opinion, diamond is not sharp enough to cleanly add such a thin layer.

    The few times I did it, I pre-cut it with a saw and joined it with the oscillating seaming head. Was a perfect result.

    For larger quantities, I would also test the Leuco cutter for magnetic boards.

    If you have tested the Leuco fräßer, please give us a brief feedback on this.

  • https://www.leuco.com/EN/US/Sh…e_body_magnet_bond_boards

    I found and ordered one tool special for magnetic boards but still waiting delivery and then will make some tests to see if it works. It would be helpful if someone have worked with this kind of material and give some support


    Wir haben zwei dieser Fräser in 18 und in 12 im Einsatz und das Ergebnis ist sehr gut.

    Je einen als Schrupp und einen als Schlichtfräser.

    Es klingt beim Fräsen aber richtig brutal als ob er jeden moment abbrechen würde.

    Wir fräsen mit den empfohlenen Werten von N=3000 und Vorschub 2m/min.

    Oszilation immer einschalten weil der Fräser sonst nach 1m eine Scharte in der Schneide hat.


  • Hello guys! I received and tested new milling cutter. Result was zero! After that we tried with my colleague on 5axes cnc to mill edges on 45 degrees. I was surprised because quality was perfect. so i made conclusion that for cutting magnet boards is necessary milling cutter with 45 degrees tooth placement. We even tried with usual diamond milling cutter and nothing happened with tooth sharpened edge and we even did not changed tool speed and feed rate. No i am looking forward to make some tests with conical milling cutter which has tooth placement on 45 degrees. I made some drawings to make it more clearly how it works

  • Hello guys! Maybe someone could tell best adhesives for CNC gluing machine? I have tried lot off glue types and best results i got with Technomelt dorus KS351. WIth this glue i have one problem, after some 5-10 glued parts gluing unit full with wasted glue and we regulary need to open gluing unit and clean all parts of glue. Maybe someone knows best values how to correct make gluing settings? I am talking about Centateq-E500 or BMG512. We have problems wasted glue left on boards aswell but i guess it is because off high glue temperature. After gluing this glue is still warm and easy to smear on board while doing edge rounding and scraping. Please give some support if someone is good at gluing CNC.

  • Hi Spaikijs4

    Did you try Beardow Adams? https://www.beardowadams.com/p…nology/hot-melt-adhesives

    using it since 1994 and tried a lot of differ glues without any better results.

    Temperatures are differ in Winter or Summer, Winter we use about 195 degree and in Summer we're going down to 165 degree.

    Pepples are white and after melting the glue is clear.

    In Summer I mean when the environmental temperature in the workshop is over 30-35 degree the glue doesn't cool down fast enough so small internal radius makes some issues because not sticking hard enough

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