dxf import issue - how to utilize projection information?

  • HI,

    I have a 3D dxf file (lines) that I would like to import and see in perspective view (not orthographic) alongside a point cloud file that is in the same area.
    When I import my .las point cloud file, I am asked if I would like to shift the coordinate system - if I say yes, everything works great (I can zoom in upon the point cloud using perspective view). However, if I then import my .dxf, I am not asked about coordinate shifting (it seems that CloudCompare ignores .dxfprojection information?), so the two data sets are not overlapping and everything reduces to a point on screen.It looked like a potential workaround was going to be to say no to the coordinate shift of the point cloud when it is imported. This way, when I then import the .dxf, it does indeed occupy the same area as the point cloud. However, if I zoom in on the these data sets using perspective view, they start to disappear. If I import just the point cloud without the coordinate shift, it also begins to disappear upon zoom in using perspective view.
    I'm wondering in general why features are disappearing when using perspective view and non-shifted coordinates, yet if I use orthographic view with non-shifted coordinates, everything displays fine?Specifically I'm wondering if there is any way I can shift the .dxf as with the point cloud import? (i think this would solve my issue?) If not, is there any other way I could view both the point cloud and the dxf file while in perspective view?

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