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    I have been a CNC operator/programmer for over 30 years, mainly taught by other CNC people.

    Only ever been on 2 courses 1 with Biesse and the other with Homag both time just mainly to learn the new program.

    The Homag course is ok if you really know nothing and there is no-one who can train you.

    Ive not seen that yet, can i ask how old the machine is?

    Both of our BMG centers have now had to have major cables replaced 1 only 4 years old the other i think about 6.

    Its something homag are aware of coz the check on every service

    Just remember that more flutes = higher feed speed. (which you may or may not be able to keep up with, depending on how complex your routing patterns are).

    how are you mounting your tools?

    Also, if you are just cutting to size, why not use a saw?

    Our routing is very simple its vision panel holes in doors so mainly rectangular. Been testing a 3 flute @ 15vf this seems to be fine so will start there.

    We are using mainly HSK holders

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for your input mate, ive used PCD tooling at a previous company and found with chipboard i was always getting the tips replaced. Now that may have been because it was few years ago and PCD tooling was quite a new thing.

    I know what you saying about STC maybe not lasting but compared to what is used at the moment it will be a massive improvement in time and replacement of cutters.

    I did get a test spiral roughing cutter 18mm dia with 3 flutes and this went through 54mm in 2 hits with ease so im going to test with a 18mm 3 flute compression and see how it goes.


    I think with the quality of chipboard we use the diamond cutters wont last so I'm defiantly going to use STC. We currently use leuco tooling as they are quite local to us.

    After a bit of googling different spirals i think taking out about 25/28mm at a time @ 15 Vf

    Yes, are your tools mostly solid carbide spirals?

    I like the leitz 1/2" compression spiral for most nesting applications.

    Maybe a diamond tip would be good for larger quantities. Chipboard is quite abrasive so would expect higher tool wear than with MDF


    No at the moment the company is using TC throw away tipped tools which take a few passes to get thru 44mm chipboard, im looking at changing over to the STC spirals and with any luck getting thru 44/54mm chipboard in 2 passes.

    We only use bearing type lock nuts now as they do give you a little better clamp tension on the tool and supposed to have a better balance. From my experience theres not a great deal difference in price so also having the option to use both rotation tools anytime in the future make them a no brainer for us.

    All you have to do then is add several vertical trimming macros (depending on the amount of steps you want), with different Z depths.
    Have a look at the file that I'll attach with this post.

    Yes that is a way round it but very very long winded when we use so many different board thicknesses and other operations connected, I would have to rewrite all the my components which could take months. I still cant believe there isn't an area where you can control the tool descent like many other manufacturers SCA Biesse etc etc

    Hello Craig,

    To be able to control approach and retract path speeds, you'll have to draw those paths as contours, I'm sending you a sample file to give you an idea.

    Yes I tried that a few weeks ago and used the CTP but it still didn't work. Have you got something like this working at your end? could be possible something no quiet right with my system.

    Ok Guy's n Girl's

    I'm trying to find a way to control the Z axis lowing speed for when dropping into wood using on the fly, the machine will only drop in @ the speed set for the feed. I've tried various different ways with no joy, I'm using contours not pockets.