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    Hello MartinBozik,

    there are a few steps to take, and I am not sure which file format your star 3.4 and 2.9 will understand:

    1. In the Cut Rite saw parameters you have to select the saw model "61" in the first parameter screen and set up your saw accordingly.

    2. In the saw transfer parameters you need to select transfer mode 10 or 15. Either one of these generates different file sets for the machine

    3. If transfer modes 10 and 15 do not get you the right files, you would have to contact SCM to see which other file formats they can read or have a postprocesor for. Some SCM saws also read CPOUT or PTX files.

    If you need further assistance, please contact

    Thank you and best regards!

    Hello Mr_Tuner,

    this requires some setup in woodStore and in Cut Rite. Bacsically Cut Rite needs to call the export program in the background when you transfer the patterns to the storage, so it will generate BMP files in-parallel and move them to the right directory.
    This depends on the structure of your Cut Rite and storage configuration and needs to be assisted by the HOMAG service department. Please contact for further help.

    Thanks and best regards!

    Hello Clayton,
    you need to enter a path against the "Group transfer" entry in addition. Cut Rite generates temporary files and puts them in there. They will be deleted automatically when transfer has finished.
    Other than that, I think yo also require entries / names for the lines that the individual machines are listed.
    That should solve your problem.
    Best regards!

    If you want to optimize one batch (part list) after another and re-use offcuts from the previous one(s), then you need to put all lists into one batch (Main Menu Review - Batch optimization)

    In addition, please make sure that the system parameter "Board list optimizing method" on the boards tab is set to "Use one board list per batch" and that the box "Allow re-use of offcuts from earlier runs in the batch" is checked.

    Hallo Klaus,

    die Anbindung eines Barbaric Flächenlagers an Schnitt Profi(t) ist möglich und bereits bei zahlreichen Kunden im Einsatz. Vorrangig mit Plattensägen, in manchen Fällen auch mit Nestingmaschinen. Wichtig ist, dass Schnitt Profi(t) dann mit dem Zusatztmodul "Lagerverwaltung" augerüstet ist, um die Daten abgleichen zu können. Die Synchronisierung erfolgt hier auf Dateiebene über Scripte und muss durch den HOMAG Softwaresupport eingerichtet werden.
    Lager und CNC Maschine werden dann aus Schnitt Profi(t) parallel mit Daten versorgt. Es ist zu beachten, dass Barbaric nicht in allen Fällen auch Restplatten verwalten kann, hierzu dann bitte bei Bedarf gezielt nachfragen.

    Viele Grüße!

    Hi Cutterwolf,

    The Cut Rite "Lite" Software can only put out SAW files that would work for HOMAG / HOLZMA panel saws with CADmatic 4, 4.1, 4.5 and 5.0. In the system parameters you can set a path where the files should be going (as far as I remember). Then there is only one data transfer option in the menu, that will generate a SAW file in this path.
    The machine will recognize the SAW file directly.

    Best regards!

    Hi, I think this is difficult to judge without having the data. There are so many correlations between various parameters, so that there is no "global" setting that would suit in general.

    I would suggest to contact with your question and provide a backup of your Cut Rite data.

    Hmmm... This depends on what programs you are using for nesting. When you are using MPR / MPRX or DXF files, then Cut Rite can only use the dimensions from the part programs. If you are using the Cut Rite machining library to program your parts, then you can use the edging library to set up edges and assign them to the parts in the list. Cut Rite will then use the values from the edging library to adjust the part sizes.

    Best regards!

    Hello Mihaisorin3,

    this is obviously nothing that somebody can resolve within a few simple steps. It depends on many factors and the way you would like to cut and destack. I would recommend to contact the HOMAG training department for a training or webinar.

    Best regards!

    Hi there,

    you need to set up a template in the pattern library. The template type has to be "Create master part- divide at saw". Also make sure that you check the box "Allow incomplete 1D template". Your basic template can then e.g. show 20 parts, but the optimizer will not bring an error message if you only assign 10 parts to the acutal template later.

    In additon, you need to set up an additional info box with the type "Grain match template". If you have doe this, you can select the template and the position for each part in the part list when you jump to this box.

    In the patterns you will then see a so-called master part, that contains all the small parts and an additonal pattern for the cross cutting process.

    Best regards!

    Hi Martin, the 30-day-trial version is completely dongle-free. It will only work on a single machine. The full release of the software is available as a network version, so the customer can run multiple floating licenses in parallel on his network

    Hallo TKF,

    Wenn eine Plattenliste vorhanden ist, dann eine neue Teileliste importiert wird und die vorhandene Plattenliste zugeordnet wird, sollte es kein Problem geben. Evtl. dauert es einen Moment, bis die Zuordnung erkannt wird. Dann könnte es helfen, die Plattenliste neu zu laden (über den entsprechenden Button). Neu erstellen sollte nicht notwendig sein.

    Das könntest Du mal testen.