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    That would be better solved with a contour train. Here you can then enter the exact route to be traveled and adjust the feeds at the respective points using a technology parameter. You can also create something like this as a component.

    The horizontal pocket is simply knitted.

    I found a way do it, if you replace Horizontal Pocket with Pocket with A-Angle, you can machine the same feature but also define the Z Feed Adjustment. Very strange that the features of each Macro are so inconsistent across the software, there are many examples of similar inconsistencies.

    Using contours would be a good alternative but pockets are pretty flexible as components

    Hi there,

    I'm trying to optimize some of our programs to shave some run time off them.

    With Horizontal Pockets, is there a way to modify Z Feed Rate / Lead In Rate.

    Also, each time a horizontal pocket is machined, it ALWAYS does one additional pass around the perimeter of the pocket, even if all the material had been removed, is there a way to disable this?



    I think with the quality of chipboard we use the diamond cutters wont last so I'm defiantly going to use STC. We currently use leuco tooling as they are quite local to us.

    After a bit of googling different spirals i think taking out about 25/28mm at a time @ 15 Vf

    Im assuming you are machining GCC Fire Blanks 44mm & 54mm the same as us. We are using Leuco PCD Tooling 22 x 64 x Z2 (25Dia Shank) in Hydro Tool Holders.

    We do Vision Panel Cutouts both 44mm & 54mm in 3 Equal Cut Depths @ 15m/min. You can do it in 2 passes happily on the 44mm but its particularly noisy on the 54mm and will only save ~5 - 10 seconds. I find the tool and machine are much happier running the 3 step cut.

    I can't see Carbide tooling lasting very long doing this operation depending on the quantities and durations involved, potentially a spiral roughing tool would last depending on the finish required.

    You could potentially run faster with 3 Flute tooling & Large diameter, however larger diameter is harder on the spindle and leaves the problem of correcting corner radius / square notching.

    Speak to Steve Noton @ Leuco he is very good and will recommend a suitable tool (Probably PCD).



    Hi there,

    Im looking to do some machining from the underside of the panel, we have the correct aggregate tool for this, however im unable to get it working correctly in Woodwop. Im always presented with an error "No Appropriate Trimmer Found".

    Ive attempted both Trimming & Pocket with A-Angle, ticked the box, processing from below etc. However always the same error. Cannot seem to find this covered in the documentation - any ideas on what to do to resolve?



    You can change the path of the ml4 folder using the connection manager as instructed, but it may require you to log in with machine+ or service IDs. Of course, you can also change the path through something else if the connection manager does not have this feature.

    You will find a file called "h1" in the "cnc" folder. This particular file specifies the path to all default folders.

    However, before making changes, back up this file and be careful what you do.


    Hi Sami,

    Thanks for the info! When i asked this question during the training i was told it was not possible so thanks for the information. Just to double check the syntax:

    I would change it from:

    ML4 ./ML4;


    ML4 \\NetworkLocation\Homag\Components\; ?

    Thanks Again


    Hi Alex,

    feedback ist always welcome. There are different possibilities:
    - use this forum and post a thread (like you did)
    - use the contact mail in this forum
    - you also can send an email by using the general email address which you will find on the HOMAG website
    - contact your HOMAG sales partner

    Regarding your question of a tool to link to network drives there is an application called "ConnectionManager". It´s a component of the software suite of the latest machine generation powerTouch. You will find the ConnectionManager in the Windows menu in the HOMAG Group folder. Attached the manual of the ConnectionManager.

    Regards, HOMAG

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the response, yes i have the connection manager configured already to a network location, this is where we currently store complete .mprx files (Ones which contain many components already).

    However what i am requesting is being able to define the location of the ml4 Folder ("Control\c1\data\cnc\ml4") to a network location. This way many (identical) machines could use these files without having to update each file on each machine manually.

    One of the other options that would be extremely useful (to me) after using the software for ~6 months is being able to define the initial Tool Entry into a Pocket; the entry Length and Angle are currently fixed with only the Feed Rate being able to be defined. This can sometimes lead to very harsh entry into the pocket. Other packages (Eg Fusion 360) also offer some very useful Entry Approaches: Helical, "Zig-Zag" etc).



    Is there any avenue for requesting or suggesting features to WoodWOP. There are a couple of (presumably basic) additions which would be of massive benefit to me personally but i would think in general to most people. The main one i was hoping to get looked at was being able to specify a network location as the Component Folder. This would stop the need of having to maintain several sets of files for multiple machines running identical components, i know this can be accomplished using Windows SymLinks or similar but i think its a worthwhile addition to WoodWOP.