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    Yes. Especially because it is not always possible to move the consoles, to the position generated. (hose length too short).

    only when he was switched to the last version of ww7.2 did the problems start that he was completely overwhelmed with it.

    frequent crashes and dropouts and eternal loading in the background up to messages from ww that there is not enough memory available.

    Since the warranty had already expired, I started upgrading the pc with the help of Dell's technical support.

    now it runs perfectly no more single crashes or getting stuck in the postprocessor. I'm more than happy that it worked. I don't think it would have worked with an industrial pc without reinstalling everything.

    I would be interesting in swapping our industrial PC, for a set up like you have. Did you have any guidance for this?

    also have the bmg 310 but from 2019 with win7 professional and we have ww8 running perfectly and quickly

    boot up pc in 3min and shut down in 1min. we always use mprx to allocate the space and it only takes a few seconds for complex parts, maybe 10 seconds. A standard Dell computer is installed. upgraded with ssd and more storage direct from dell.

    the basic requirement for buying the cnc was a normal pc, and that no industrial pc was installed. because we have had bad experiences with industrial pc s when it comes to upgrading and new versions. what is the point of the best cnc technology if it only works properly in the delivery condition and cannot be easily adapted with the update versions.

    I wish we had done the same! How do you find using the normal PC? Was there any issues?


    This is not the same function. When starting the machine, the so-called reference run/warm-up run is different than this "spindle" program. The spindle program is only needed in certain situations. This spindle activation, "spindle" program is also mentioned in the machine manuals. The running of the program is also constantly monitored, so it must always be completed from start to finish.


    Thanks for the explanation.

    another query I had, was if anyone else runs a warm up program for the XY&Z drives?

    I know this is common on milling machines, and I have experienced a change in accuracy once the machine has been in use for the day.

    A couple of simple woodwop suggestions:

    -trimming with A-Angle ; ability to extend the toolpath and use approach modes

    -an option for lateral offsets, when using the vertical trimming macro. i.e. X number of passes Y mm apart.

    -improved tool display showing approach modes.

    -copy and paste individual parameters for macros (i.e. only copy depth value).

    -improved CAM macros, to be up-to-date with other real CAM systems.

    -Ability to display more 3D elements in the simulator, like jigs and clamps.

    -better control of the dust hood position, with specific values for the position above workpiece (intermediate modes do not appear to do anything).

    - Transparent software updates. Even when known issues and bugs are fixed, there is no automatic roll out of new software. Only waiting for customer complaints.

    - access to the more advanced documentation like G&M-codes format.


    You should run a program called "spindle" that resets the long pause state of the spindle. You may find the program in the service folder. This error usually occurs if the machine has not been used for a long time or the motherboard battery has run out/been replaced. In this case, commissioning can only be done by running the "spindle" program. The program must be run from the beginning to the end to remove the error.


    Is this similar to the "prepare machine" which is run every time at start up?

    I agree this is the best way, using a NAS.

    Do you set the server folders as the default ml4/mp4 folders on the machine? And do you notice any performance drop when working with large files like this?

    with my clamp bracket there are also 4 cones at the bottom per suction bracket 2pcs. but are only required for "AP tables with fixed platforms" so they cannot be twisted on the platforms and are extremely strong. if you only want to clamp directly on the console, a side clamp might also be recommended. no idea how much lateral force the suction surface can withstand.

    I believe the homag clamps use a pneumatic clamp onto the dovetail, to hold down onto the consoles.

    I don't think this is worth replicating onto a DIY clamp, but that is why you see 2 toggle switches on the base of the clamp.

    What is useful, is that the bottom plate moves slightly downwards on release of the clamping pressure. This is so the clamps can be moved one-by-one, without moving your workpiece.