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    Our routing is very simple its vision panel holes in doors so mainly rectangular. Been testing a 3 flute @ 15vf this seems to be fine so will start there.

    We are using mainly HSK holders

    Collet, shrink or hydro? I think you guys would benefit from heat shrink holders, and send them off for sharpening in the holder. Gives you accurate diameter and length measurements.

    Leitz's STC recommends 18m/min for your thickness. 2 flute. 20mm dia.

    The last time I did something like this, I programmed the tool to be in a constant ramp down. Rather than 2 separate passes. Made it smoother, with no retract in Z. And constant tool engagement.

    Just remember that more flutes = higher feed speed. (which you may or may not be able to keep up with, depending on how complex your routing patterns are).

    how are you mounting your tools?

    Also, if you are just cutting to size, why not use a saw?

    Do you mean 25mm DOC?

    A good tooling supplier will be able to tell you feed and speed for the material.

    It will vary with every tool depending on number of flutes, RPM, etc.

    Important to ramp into the cut also.


    we using DP Tools like this (not from from Leuco but the tools are almost the same)…ank-Type_Cutters_DP_Z_2_2

    With this milling cutter like this you can also mill 54mm in one pass.

    This is a good suggestion for you Craig. Or just try a solid carbide first, as they are significantly cheaper.

    If you want technical support, call Leitz and explain what you want to cut. They will give feeds/speeds advise, as well as what tool to use.

    Yes, are your tools mostly solid carbide spirals?

    I like the leitz 1/2" compression spiral for most nesting applications.

    Maybe a diamond tip would be good for larger quantities. Chipboard is quite abrasive so would expect higher tool wear than with MDF

    I have a liquid cooled 5 axis spindle, but no vibration sensor unfortunately. I presumed that this would have been standard on all 5axis machines!

    Do you see this data in real-time, while the spindle is running? And does it produce an error when the vibration is above a set value?

    This is not standard on our machine (BMG-210), however I think it should be a worthwhile upgrade.

    On our hand controller, the F1 button is the "prototyping" mode as you describe. And the separate hood up button, on RH side of hand controller, works as you are expecting.

    Do you mean you are using the "change technology" macro?

    I am looking to have the compressed air activate while routing something particular. Exactly like the blow off while doing a tool change.

    I believe this should be an M code, which can be turned on/off using the "change technology" macro.

    Where do I find the correct M code?

    Do you know how the tool is set up for this?