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    So if one part is working well than issue is that in each drilling head you have different tool placement, for bhx it is important to adjust all tools on both heads same sizes and same places to work fast and without any error messages. Milling cutters and saw you must change at the same time on both heads because you can get real trobles if you change only one and adjust different tool dimensions.

    Yes it is possible but to do like this you need to be sure that both of parts are same dimensions and in wood wop you should prepare programs. We have one bhx500 and two bhx560 and all of them works with two different program in a row. i will ad some example how it should look. There would be two different programs if you prepare just for one par to drill and there would be theese both programs mixed together.

    This still would take a long time, iwould say that easiest way is to create production list with seperate programs. Make some tree to five parts without this one side horizontal drillings and then make production list where within each part machine by its own turns second program, you just need to transport parts from machine bottom to start and rotate them to make second program drillings. we made different solution for this type of programs, we put near the bhx500 another small machine which drills only horizontal drilling and much faster than bhx. If you look documentation then every bhx makes horizontal drilling very slow so to get one more machine next to bhx would take you in next level with production speed. We combine all type of parts where is horizontal drilling between bhx and this second machine so while bhx drills vertical drillings you could drill horizontal drillings on second machine at the same time.

    Trie to turn off work place separation. Some cnc have workplace separation to produce smaller parts faster and on each place you can run different programs. Maybe your cnc is too small to produce this dimension details in separation mode.

    We have BHX 050, it s good just for drilling small parts, i would say if you dont have in production small parts with drillings that this machine is worthless. You cant format with it, if there is neccessary some pockets it is possible but not miilings with offcuts.

    We use M5, M6 threads but holes for them we do with combined drill, much faster and cheaper in mass production. If neccessary i can send some drill drawings and thread drawings how it should look ;)

    There is problem in your tool changer. Each tool have safety distance and if in tool changer in near positions you have tool with big safety distance this message could appear, just try to put theese tools in other tool changer positions and then try run the program. Error message should disapear.

    Thats a long way to go if you want to make programms faster. We have three of them an to solve this problem we spent a plenty of hours to create a multiple blocks with multiple functions. At the moment to create program for BHX560 for me it takes about 10-20sec because already from constructor we recieve generated program with all neccessary tool and process data, all i need to do is just check clamping position, if it is neccessary change some milling approach mode and if there is no through going holes make mirrored part and processes to run two parts in a row. But to do like that i told you there is a long way to go and prepare all neccessary bloks with all neccessary variations of processes you need to do, then you would recieve almost ready program from constructors.

    Hello guys! I have question about flush trimmer/scraper unit. Did someone haves and uses trimming and scraping units with liquid? Is there any resolution how it works? What advantages and disadvantages for these units? I read down documentation for these units and there was mentioned that if you are working with PUR hot melt glue it is necessary to work with this type of tools because while trimming overlaps of edge material it spreads out liquid to avoid glue leftovers on surfaces and trimming head and the same thing with scraper. Can someone tell me is it true and maybe someone owns already this type of tools and knows more about them. Thank you anyway guys and hope there would be someone who could give some realtime life experience with this. :S