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    Hello! First of all how old is your machine? We had the same problem on our edge bander bmg311 or venture 320. There could be issue with the main spindle clamping gauge. If there is less clamping strenght than noticed in manual this issue could appear and shows this message. Second option is that maybe you need to correct pick up point coordinates because if main spindle picks up tool and there is a little difference between clump and tool holder this message will appear. Third option is to clean clumping gauge with brake cleaner, maybe there is full with dusts and just needs to cleaned to awoid any dusts get between clumping gauge and the tool. While cleaning clamping gauge you should open tool holder manually and manually should open and close this gauge and while doing it wash it with some brake cleaner or something similar. For us this helps and even operator can do it in end of each shift.

    O now i understand what you mean. Yes we have BMG512 with AP. There is no problem with suction cup position but with suction cup type because for each program you may need different suction cups and there wont be solution for this kind of situation. You can skip this problem if all programs or all parts you produce can run with same id suction cups otherwise this macro wont work. Ican uppload but this wont give you nothing because your wood wop wouldnt understand variables what we use. You can limit this situations for changing suction cups by creating macro and planning production flow. I think there wont be better solution for this issue we all have faced with.

    It is quite simple to get right suction cup placement from IMOS, we have created lot of macros what trough imos generating programs you can give back information to wood wop what to use so if you have predicted all variables what can change and affect cup positions you can ad this information to imos and when generating it works perfect. Offcourse there should think carefully while making theese macros but we have been working with this more than 5 years and everything works how we need.


    Some couple of days ago i tried from R15 till R30 and all radius was pretty clean so it is possible but problem starts when you need to use flush trimming and scraper. If you can give some more information about edge material you use and board i could trie and send you you real working program. With Airtec it is much easier to bend narrow radius but with glue there is a lot of small things that affects quality. I have tried more than 10 different EVA glues to get best results with narrow radius.

    If you have only four sides where you can put the part then when you activate stop in middle of process there you can mention from where to park machine when stop. I mean there is option to stop measuring in part dimension system or there you can just put in table middle point to park machine when stop, then it should work on both sides of machine the same.

    This is some kind off aggregate with what you are milling? If yes then you should check if this opposite side is prepared for milling or this is used only for drilling functions, i have 4 spindle tool as well with the c axis and only one chuck is prepared for milling, other three are just for drilling.

    Hello everyone!

    I have question about profile scraper unit blades, in stock we have Leuco profile scrapers for edge bander but in future we will use a little bit different type. In manual there is a little bit information about setting them and etc. Question is, maybe someone could explain how i can create new blade mackro? Old blades was with 3 times R2 3 times R1 and bewel but new blades is with 4 times R2 2 times R1 and bewel. I need to create mackro for theese blades that machine could understand that instead of one R1 would be R2. Maybe someone could explain and help somehow?

    Its definetly too high speed for drill, around 7000-8000rpm is perfect for drill and how Cnc worm mentioned slow fast slow trough settings and it should be perfect result. I dont know what type of machine you using but through going holes better is doing on BHX type machines where hole is made from both side drilling. In my expirience trough going drills is not very good solution if you need to make lot of holes with one drill.

    I have one more question about simulator, i have installed it on office pc and i want to takke worklist from machine and import it to simulator, does it is possible? I have tried to open saved worklist from machine but simulator doesnt recognize it and says that there is problem in syntaxe, wgy is that?