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    Hello everyone!

    I have question about profile scraper unit blades, in stock we have Leuco profile scrapers for edge bander but in future we will use a little bit different type. In manual there is a little bit information about setting them and etc. Question is, maybe someone could explain how i can create new blade mackro? Old blades was with 3 times R2 3 times R1 and bewel but new blades is with 4 times R2 2 times R1 and bewel. I need to create mackro for theese blades that machine could understand that instead of one R1 would be R2. Maybe someone could explain and help somehow?

    Its definetly too high speed for drill, around 7000-8000rpm is perfect for drill and how Cnc worm mentioned slow fast slow trough settings and it should be perfect result. I dont know what type of machine you using but through going holes better is doing on BHX type machines where hole is made from both side drilling. In my expirience trough going drills is not very good solution if you need to make lot of holes with one drill.

    I have one more question about simulator, i have installed it on office pc and i want to takke worklist from machine and import it to simulator, does it is possible? I have tried to open saved worklist from machine but simulator doesnt recognize it and says that there is problem in syntaxe, wgy is that?

    Hi everyone!

    The question is, does there is some settings that bhx comes out from eco mode without pressing green button? I mean that, if there is possible that eco modes turns off at the moment when bhx detects part into infeed zone?

    There could be the problem in workpiece, we quite offten face with this kind of problems if you need make some operations from both sides.

    With ruler it is hard to measure dimensions of workpiece and angularity so after sawmill check parts if they is correct dimensions with ruler is not best way. If you have some special measure tool just trie to check faulty parts. This is the only thing i can imagine makes theese offsets if you dont have it regulary.

    Drillteq H-600 we have two of them and we have quite difficult parts to process so this kapacity is from 40/60 per hour till 120/140 per hour.

    HPP 300 we produce around 2500-3000 parts but this is quetionable. If you will cut lot of identical parts in max height books this number increases a lot so this depends on quantity of parts and similarity of parts

    How i understood this works if we create cutting list with new rules, but my second question was, can we define for cutrite to put in plan first boards with parts where is more edges for processing and then take boards containing parts without edges needed to process. This wont affect wastes but would affect cutting plan sequence. Is this possible? Sorry for bad explenation at first time. We have automatic storage so if cutrite could create cutting plan in different way we could fed this information for storage, at the moment cutting plan is created i even dont now in what sequence but what i can gurantee that parts in plan is mixed, we want to improve a little cutting plan so first goes boards containing more parts edge is needed to process and then goes boards without or with less edges needed to process, I hope this is understandable?

    I have one more question, this first step would affect how expedient we use the board, if there is an option that we can ask for cutrite to take first boards containing parts with more edges needed to be glued and only then take parts without edge banding? Is it possible?

    Hello there!

    Can someone tell me please if there in cutrite is any option to set optimisation rule to cut first parts containing more edges needs to be glued? For example for bookshelf i have doors, top, bottom, sides and some shelfs. Doors needs all edges to be glued(1), sides needs two edges to be glued(3), top needs all edges to be glued(1), bottom needs three edges to be glued(2), shelfs needs one edge to be glued(4). The numbers means part priority how i need them to be cutted, maybe someone could help and give some information where and how i can set theese optimisation parameters to get result i want?

    Hi! I was at homag basic training when we bought new cnc edgebander. To be straight there was more things i teached to trainer than he teached to me. Only few useful things i learned at this training and those where not most important. More things i have learned by testing lot off difficult products to produce. Main thing to learn and gain something new is be patient and be opened for all information you could get from other companies or specilists and next time just trie to do it by yourself and quite offten there is lot of small things you realise could do better and in lot of different ways ;)